Snugglicious Products

Anticipation: Sit in each other’s embrace and look deep into each other’s eyes. Caring, affectionate, erotic.

Someone to Share: Curl up with the person that got you through the day and will get you through the night in this extremely intimate and loving pose.


Honey, you awake?: Features the woman draped over the man rubbing his back, slightly moving her leg, and looking over expectantly. You can place any meaning on it you would like.


Dreaming: He’s lying on his back with his lover stretched out and looking down into his eyes…their hands gently caressing each other`s hair and cheeks, their expressions intimate and loving.

Dreaming Pillow

Cuddle Close: She’s nestled in the crook of his arm, her head upon his chest, leg bent to wrap herself closer around him.  He gently, lovingly caresses her hand with his.

Cuddle Close

Chest Caress: He lies on his back, looking into his lover’s eyes as she strokes his chest with her gentle hand.

Chest Caress

Comfort: He sits cross-legged with her head upon his thigh, his arm draped around her and his hand soothing her.  You can almost hear him whispering, “It’s all right…I’m always here for you.”

Comfort Pillow

Fireplace: They lie together intimately, on his back with his lover lying upon him, eyes locked together and her hands stroking his chest while he caresses her hip.
Fireplace Cuddle

Gazing: He sits back comfortably with her head in his lap, looking lovingly down into her eyes.

Gazing Pillow

Valentine Lap Sit:
He sits with legs apart and snuggles her  into his lap, one hand supporting her back and the other softly stroking her hip.

Under the Mistletoe: He stands before her, asking for a kiss…she plays shy at first, then happily raises up on her toes to press her lips against his.

Hold Him: She holds him gently in her arms, lying on her back with his head against her heart, her hand stroking his neck, his arms around her tightly as he lies upon her, drawing strength and warmth from his lover.  Their dreamy expressions show complete contentment.

Beanbag: A casual embrace for two, snuggled together into a soft beanbag chair with their arms around each other.

Beanbag Pillow: The same sweet pose in a pillow you can use on your own furniture.

Snugglicious Rug: A beautiful soft white fur rug with two casual singles sits, plus two sweet couples poses:  Chest Caress and Comfort.


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