New Main Store Location !

Great news! We are now at a new location on another sim. You can find us alongside the awesome clothing store ALEXOHOL! We are just behind it in front of their newest store, ALEXOHOL HUNG OVER. When you come to see us, be sure to drop by for their great deals and hunts.

Along with ALEXOHOL, the sim is home to:

  • Lacie Cakes
  • B & G
  • DivaLicious
  • ALI Couture
  • Dangerous Cinsations

We have several events planned to celebrate the new move as well as participating in the sim-wide hunt beginning February 15. With the stores here, you don’t want to miss that.

We still have the Midnight Mania board as well as being a part of the grid-wide hunts.

Also, we’ve started a new promotion that helps you keep the updated LM of Snugglicious in your Picks. If you come in the store, and we’re there to see Snugglicious in your Picks, you get a new pillow. It’s as simple as that!

We look forward to seeing you soon to celebrate our great new location!


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