Welcome to Snugglicious

Hi! Welcome to the Snugglicious blog!  By now you’re probably wondering why you’re here and who or what is Snugglicious.  I started Snugglicious because I was bored of all the old cuddles and snuggles in the online world Second Life.  They were either too fast, too static or just badly put together.  Instead of bemoaning the fact that there was nothing ‘just right’ I decided to do something about it and I now create my own animations.

My vision for the perfect cuddle was where lovers can sit for hours together while they talk and share intimate time together. The motion should be slow, deliberate and loving.  I wanted caring poses that people could spend a lot of time on without getting bored.

My mission in SL is to recreate the best cuddles and snuggles from the real world and translate them into Second Life.  I always love to hear ideas from my customers, so don’t be shy! If you make a suggestion and I create it I’ll send you it free, so what are you waiting for?  Send me your favourite ideas. Ready, set, snuggle!

LeastWeasel Trafalgar


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