Welcome to Snugglicious

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Hi! Welcome to the Snugglicious blog!  By now you’re probably wondering why you’re here and who or what is Snugglicious.  I started Snugglicious because I was bored of all the old cuddles and snuggles in the online world Second Life.  They were either too fast, too static or just badly put together.  Instead of bemoaning the fact that there was nothing ‘just right’ I decided to do something about it and I now create my own animations.

My vision for the perfect cuddle was where lovers can sit for hours together while they talk and share intimate time together. The motion should be slow, deliberate and loving.  I wanted caring poses that people could spend a lot of time on without getting bored.

My mission in SL is to recreate the best cuddles and snuggles from the real world and translate them into Second Life.  I always love to hear ideas from my customers, so don’t be shy! If you make a suggestion and I create it I’ll send you it free, so what are you waiting for?  Send me your favourite ideas. Ready, set, snuggle!

LeastWeasel Trafalgar


Our latest products

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If you haven’t checked out our new store & lovely garden, yet, its high time that you stopped by!      Here is a look at some of our latest products.

Multi Snuggle:

Loving Blanket:

Hold Him:

Someone to Share:

Come try these, as well as our older products out for yourself!

We love to see you in the store testing the products.   Come on, don’t be shy!

Free T-shirts!

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We have another present for you in the store,  free Snugglicious T-shirts!

There is a male & female version, with an adorable graphic on the back!

We hope that you enjoy this little treat, with our compliments.

June is Hunting Season!

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We have lots to share!!    First of all, the main store has moved to here.     We not have a larger plot, and a lovely garden for you to try the pillows.   Stop by & check it out!

It’s Hunting Season again and we are involved in three of them this month!   Have a peek at our hunt gifts!

The Lost My Marbles Hunt, started June 1st and runs through the end of the month.  If you’re lucky (or skilled enough) to find the hidden marble, this fabulous prize will be yours!

The XXX Hunt, which runs June 1-30th,  has another awesome prize!

You’re looking for  the “3 X’s Linked together”, cleverly hidden inside the store.

Last & certainly not least,  the “Summer Lovin’ Hunt” started on June 5th.  Please note that most of these vendors are on mature, or adult sims, you if you haven’t already, you may need to age verify!

Stay tuned for more news coming your way soon about our new products & special deals!

Twisted Hunt, Spring 2010 “Strange Brew”

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The official Hunt info reads as follows:

The Twisted Hunt will be a month-long, grid-wide treasure hunt featuring some of the best, most talented, and most twisted designers on the grid. Sure, there will be plenty of fashion – but  by all that is unholy, there will also be sex! and blood! and everything else that isn’t polite or publicly acceptable.
(can I get a hellz yeah?)

The Twisted Hunt is brought to you by DV8, and sponsored by The Stringer Mausoleum, +++BLUE BLOOD+++, *Dilly Dolls*, NOCTURNAL GOTHIC DESIGNS, Flavor! Designs, Dare Designs, : Burning Chrome :, Yellow JesteR, Unique Needs!, and Sn@tch.

It features MANY merchants across the grid, who invite you to their parlors to find deliciously twisted prizes!

Want to learn more? Visit the website:

Here is our gift to you, if you can find it.

We’ll be back with more soon, I promise!

The Button Hunt

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Snugglicious is in another hunt –  The Button Hunt!

This hunt is a  celebration of whimsy and fun, and runs from March 1st through March 31st, 2010.

The hunt is open to all, but it’s not gonna be easy. Like any other button these are tiny, and some might have a tendency to roll around. But finding the buttons will yield some nice prizes.

This hunt will not have hints on the blog, so hunters are encouraged to help each other out with hints and help, just so long as direct locations are not shared.

Hunters and vendors alike are encouraged to join the Eclectic Dreams Hunts Group. This will be the universal group for hunters and vendors.

Here is a peek of the Snugglicious Hunt gift.

The starting point is here, at Firefly Fashions.    Happy Hunting!

“Honey, You Awake?”

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Yes, this comes from the same people who gave you the longing look “Anticipation” and the spooning position “Someone to Share.”


“Honey, You Awake” features the woman draped over the man rubbing his back, slightly moving her leg, and looking over expectantly. You can place any meaning on it you would like.

Come by to try it at our new location. Bring a friend or borrow one of us. We’re usually around and glad to help out.

The Alexohol Mall Crawl

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Snugglicious will be participating in the Alexohol Mall Crawl Feb 15-28th.

Many of the shops on the sim are participating, including:

  • Alexohol
  • Divilicous
  • Dangerous Creations,
  • Heart & Sole
  • Trixxy’s Shop
  • Studio Nails
  • IREN,
  • Glamour Puss Photography
  • Ali Couture

Stay tune for more hunt & special events info coming soon!